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Kumpulan Aplikasi Android HVGA

Lagi nyari aplikasi android HVGA .. nih aplikasi recommended dan jelas sudah diuji coba hehe .. ayooo silahkan downloadd sepuasnyaaa ...
Ex. Samsung Galaxy ACE, GIO, SE X8, Optimus One dll

Adobe Photoshop Express (Android Applications on Adobe's Photoshop)
PicsayPro (Professional Image Editor)
Camera360 (best imaging applications for Android)
Androidify (Create professional-style avatar Android robot)
  Mobo Player (great video viewing application supports many formats)
RockPlayer (Programs Video)
YxPlayer (Play video formats)
PlayerPro 3.0 (Best Music Player for Android, Widget support, Equalizer ..)
Power AMP (popular music application on Android)
RealPlayer Android (familiar application on your computer, support to play music, videos, photos)
TTPod Android (famous Music Player on Symbian, a version for Android)
Android Winamp (Winamp versions for Android)
  Talking Tom Cat (Applied cats mimic your voice)
Talking Hippo (Application Note hippos your parody voice)
Nhaccuatui (music online on Android)
  [New] Android Music Player (music of Android Applications 3.0)
G-Alarm (Alarm Software)
Solo (Episode play Guitar on Android)
IBeer Android (drink beer on Android)
Adobe Flash Player 10.1 for ARMV6
App2Sd Pro (Software application transfer from memory to memory card)
AppManager (software allows uninstall, backup applications APK file format)
Astro File Manager (The Pro, install all three files, file management software, send files via bluetooth)
Better Keyboard 8 (The keyboard is very good, can adjust the width key, support skin)
  Go Keyboard (keyboard on the Go Team, support skins are very nice)
  SmartKeyBoard Pro (famous keyboard support Vietnamese input method TELEX)
GoTiengViet V2.53 (Vietnam A great software, support type TELEX, VNI, support skin)
  CPU Master (Support set the CPU speed, the Pro version with Profiles)
Fast Reboot (One-click, reboot all the background, kill the running application)
  Folder Oganize (Help manage and sort the applications by Folder)
  MyBackup Pro (backup application software helps the computer, can back up APK + Data)
Titanium Backup Pro (Uninstall, Backup Application, apps freeze, move to SD card)
NeoCore (Benmark 3D processing speed of your computer)
Antutu Benmark (Benmark CPU processor speed to your computer, a comparison with a number ..)
SetCPU (Pro version supports adjust the CPU speed)
Full Task Killer (Kill the running application with a click, create a list of rejected kill, auto kill ...)
Advance Task Killer (Killer Task A very famous)
Super Task Killer (Killer Task Group OPDA)
X-plore (file manager famous tree on Symbian, Android)
Barcode Scanner (Code Capture application to download from the Market)
Battery Doctor (It helps save battery power by 30-50%)
RootExplorer (Manager files conveniently, can browse the file system, ask your root)
All Apps Oganizer (Sort applications by LG Home directory style)
Screenshot (Screenshot phone)
Super Manager (phone management tool is very useful, functionality)
1Tap Cleaner Pro (application cache, browsing history)
Green Power Battery saver (automatically disconnect the wireless when not in use, saving battery)
Screen Off and Lock (a touch screen lock)
  BackUp to Gmail (Synchronize SMS, MMS, Call log with a Google account)
     Aldiko Book Reader (Reading like Iphone, support EPUB, PDF)
    Amazon Kindle (Amazon's PRC format Read ebooks)
    Adobe Reader (PDF file reading program by Adobe)
    Andict (Dictionary of AV, VA for the best free Android)
      Vietnamese Calendar (Lunar Calendar on Android, supports widgets outside the screen)
    Real Calculator (Calculator professional on Android)
      Moon Reader Pro (Read txt file, html, ePub .., like the iphone interface)
    Documents To Go (The Office for Android)
    SPB Contact Cards (Learn English effectively through images)
    Handy Converter (unit conversion application)

    LAUNCHER Launcher 
    Zeam Launcher (Launcher lighter, smoother, less demand on battery, supports uninstall the application)
    Launcher Pro (Launcher is very popular, nice widget support)
    EX ADW Launcher (Launcher beautiful, more customizable, supports themes)
    Go EX Launcher (Launcher GO Dev Team group, create folder like Iphone, themes)
    He Launcher (Launcher Supports a variety of breeds HTC, Moto ...)
      Arc Launcher (Launcher of the Sony Xperia Arc)
      Regina 3D Launcher (Launcher beautiful 3D)
    Wave Launcher (Launcher like Palm Pre)
      Win7 Pack (Customizable interface style WP7)
    OpenHome6 (of Better Launcher Android supports multiple themes, icons from the Market)
    TouchWiz 3.0 (known Launcher on Android Samsung)

    CALL - SMS 

    Hancent SMS (messaging application or extreme)
    Go Pro SMS (Another application of the GO group, messaging, SMS Manager is very nice, themes)
    EasyFilter (Call or text messages ..)
      Ringdroid (Management ringtones calls, SMS)
    Total Recall (Call Recording 2-way)
    Backup To Gmail (Sync SMS, MMS, call logs into a Google account)
     Call Recorder - Total Recall (Call Recording 2-way)

    iAPK (Easy Install APK file from your computer)
    Portable Xilisoft Video Converter (The standard resolution to Video Phone)
    GO Contact (Contacts, the dial is very nice of GO Team, supported themes)
    ChompSMS (Messaging Iphone style)

    ApPlanet (until Anroid applications, downloadable software, free)
    Gmail (Google Apps, easily synchronize email on your computer)
    Facebook (Facebook for Android Software)
    Google Maps 3.5 (maps on the Google phone)
    EBuddy (MSN chat application, Facebook, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, GTalk, MySpace & Hyves)
    IM + (Chat Skype, Facebook, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk, MySpace)
    BeeJive (Chat AIM, MSN, YahooIM, Facebook, GTalk ...)
    Slick (multi-chat application on the popular Symbian, Android)
    Skype (Chat, Skype video calls on Android)
    Miren Brower (light web browsing, faster download speeds)
      Xscope Pro (fastest web browser on Android in his comments)
      Opera Mini (Android version of Opera, fast download speeds, saving space)
    UCWEB Brower (popular browser on Symbian, save space)
      Skyfire (browser supports Flash fame)
    Dolphin Brower (interface, web browser, fast)
      Brower Dolphin HD 5 Final
      Team View (version of Android, the control computer from your Android Phone)
      OpenVPN (It helps to run Google's open DNS, easy to Facebook)
      WeFi (Automatic wireless connection ...)
    Wifi Analyzer (A management application is also wifi or other)
    Yahoo Messenger (Yahoo Messenger application, supports video chat on Android)
    ZingMe (VinaGame Social Network, a version for Android)
    VietNam Android (Location Map, reading newspapers, live football results ....)
    Zedge Android (Download wallpapers and ring tones from Zedge.net ..)
      Vietbando (Map of Vietnam, using the Online support is very good positioning)
    Vietnamese 3G (3G capacity management)

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